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HKSCA Coach Accreditation Programme – Level 1 Coaching Course 2021-2022


Three HKSCA Level 1 Coaching Courses are now open for application. The (10) classroom lecture sessions and Five (5) practical water sessions of 2 hours each will be conducted at the *OH and *KGV. Class A will start from 14 November 2021 until 23 December 2021, Class B will start from 26 December 2021 until 27 January 2022 and Class C will start from 6 February 2022 until 15 March 2022. Timetables of the sessions are enclosed for your reference. It is subject to change depending on venue availability. Please note language used is Chinese.


Those who are interested must submit their applications IN PERSON to the HKSCA Office at Rm 1205, Fortress Tower, 250 King’s Road, North Point, Hong KongTelephone number – 25122315no later than 5:00 p.m. on 3 September 2021Friday. All applicants must take the water test at *SMV swimming pool, Tsuen Wan on 11 September 2021Saturdayfrom 6:00-8:00pm.


Pre-requisite qualification as stipulated in the course Common Syllabus are as follows: -












Age 18 or over.Age is calculated as of 3 September 2021

Equivalent to Hong Kong Education standard F.3 or above.

Applicants who do not possess the formal qualifications required but are age 35 or above may be granted exemption from the general admission requirements provided that:

They are able to show by acceptable evidence that they have relevant working experience in the sports for 10 years or more; and

Being recommended to attend the course by this Association.

Able to swim 100m Individual Medley.




Applicants must provide a current Passport Photo, Original and Photocopies of the required documents along with the application form i.e. original and copy of HKID card; original and copy of school certificate.


Swimming ability demonstrated in the water test will be a weighted factor in accepting your application to the certificate course. Priority of acceptance will be given to those who are holders of HKGSA Swimming Officials Certificate and those with signed recommendation from HKGSA affiliated clubs who are actively engaged in HKGSA’s activities.


Registration and Test fee of HK$ 300 is payable to the Hong Kong Swimming Coaches Association Limited office together with application form and requested documents. Course fee of HK$ 5500includes a copy of the course Common Syllabusis payable to the Hong Kong Swimming Coaches Association Limited immediately on successful application to the course. Fee Paid Are Not Refundable In Any Case.


The Level 1’s Certificate will be issued after completion of the course80% attendance or above is requiredand successful completion of the written examination.





The course syllabus is subject to alteration with or without prior notice.

*KGC – King George V School, 2 Tin Kwong Road Kowloon.

*OH – Room 3-7, 1st floor, Olympic House, 1, Stadium Path, So Kon Po, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

*SMVSP – Shing Mun Valley Swimming Pool, 21 Shing Mun Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T.




( Education Programme )


c.c. President / Hon. Secretary / Hon. Treasurer





1.         本課程共15課節(星期日上午算兩節),出席率要求為80%,不達標者不獲考試資格。

2.         遲到 早退超過30分鐘,將作缺課半節論,超過60分鐘,作缺課論。

3.         沒有下水進行水上實習課超過一次須於下期全數補回,前提必須於本期出席率達80%

4.         導師安排的作業必須準時繳交,欠交者不獲發証書。

5.         考試試巻為中文。合格要求為60%,不設補考。

6.         任何作弊行為(如考試作弊、 簽到後未經主辦單位負責人批准擅自早退)一經發現即取消考試資格。


Please read before paying fee

1.     This course is consisted of 15 lessonsSunday morning session is counted as 2 lessons. An attendance rate of 80% is a pre-requisite for sitting for the course examination.

2.     Late arrival or early dismissal for more than 30 minutes will be considered as absent for 1/2 lesson and for those exceeding 60 minutes will be considered as absent for the lesson.

3.     For those who do not practice in the water during the practical session for more than once, will be required to attend make-up lessons in the next HKGSA Swimming Teachers’ Certificate course accordingly, provided the 80% attendance rate for this course is being fulfilled.

4.     Attendees must submit home work as required by the instructions failing which certificate will not be granted.

5.     The examination will be carried out in Chinese. The passing requirement is 60% and no make-up examination can be arranged.

6.      Any cheating action, e.g. cheating at examination or early dismissal without the organizer in-charge’s approval after sign-in to class, will lead to dis-qualifying for sitting in the examination.




下載連結 – Download Links

ü  章程 – Information

ü  報名表格 – Application forms

ü  課程時間表 – Timetables of the sessions

ü  交費前須知 – Notice on before paying fee